[MajorCool: A Web Interface to Majordomo]


PREFS allow you to customize the MajorCool user interface and its interaction with Majordomo. Selections are saved via browser Cookies, making them persistent across sessions.

  • Preferences will only apply to MajorCool running on this [lists.ithaca.edu] host with this [CCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)] browser. MajorCool instances on other hosts (and browser families) will have their own distinct preference controls.

General Options
Allow Browser to Cache Pages & Form Data
Enable Style Sheet Font Control (Where Supported)
Default Font Face:
Default Font Point Size
Use JavaScript Enhancements
Sort Subscriber List in BROWSE & MODIFY Views
Use 'Menu' Style User Interface
Default Action for Menu Mode:
Default Screen Width (in Pixels or Specify %)
Use Images for Form Buttons (eg Submit/Apply)
Tool Tips on Button Bars (Requires JavaScript)

Browse Options
Show Nested Lists as Links
Link to Subscribers when Following Nested Lists
Show Line Numbers in Subscriber List

Modify Options
Use 2-Column Table for Configuration Options
Show Help with Configuration Options Fields
Show Majordomo Subsystem for Each Configuration Field
Wrap Text in Info File Edit Window
Maximum Size Supported by Browser TextArea (in Bytes)


MajorCool version 1.3.2, ©1996-1998 NCR Corporation